Spiral Beaker Billy Pink - 40cm

Spiral Beaker Billy Pink - 40cm

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This beautiful, twist-effect glass bong is sure to take pride of place in your collection.

The high quality glass is 7mm thick and has been twisted in a beautiful effect, that is similar to a classic whisky decanter. The sturdy base is an attractive accented colour, which matches the 14mm drop in bowl.

The bong comes with a diffuser downstem, which will break the smoke up into small bubbles, allowing it to get even cooler and cleaner. It's extra large base allows you to house more water for a smoother smoking experience. 

Product Details:

  • Height: 40cm
  • Pyrex Glass: 7mm Thickness
  • Unique Twisted Glass Design
  • Accent Coloured Chamber
  • Removable Accent Coloured Stem and Cone Piece